lullaby of death

oh eternal slumber

you are like a sweet narcotic

beckoning me to try you

with your seductive siren’s call

alluring promise of peace

how i long to taste you

escape into your unconscious void

repose at last in your embrace

beginnings of a poem


you awakened me last evening

with your breath upon my cheek

to whisper adorations in my ear

and i felt my heart grown

so warm within your hands

 that a sigh escaped my lips

that you would bless me with your presence

here in the dark

and in that quiet moment

when i was open to receive you

you startled me by entering so deeply…..

mattress shopping

she seeks

a place for Love to lie


ino spaces,

time and otherwise,

to ease the ache of morning

and yet

she fears to buy the belief

that when this darkness ends

she can rise

to walk pain-free

in light of reality

this purchase of trust

with its pricetag of hope

too high

to climb into its comfort

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