searching for love

my beloved,


there is no love

so perfect

as your love for me

though i search

the entire surface of this earth

i cannot find it


the other loves

leave me empty

for yours alone

can fill this void in me


no one understands me

like you do

no one


though i try

to give myself

i fail to be received

though i try

to speak of my desire

it falls upon deaf ears


and there is this aching emptiness

where there once was only you

and i want you back

for you alone

can enter this vast cavern of my soul

you alone

know the way to the crevice

and i long to reveal myself to you


i revisit the places

where you have discovered me

hoping you will remember

and return

but the landscape has so changed

and i can’t find you there


still i wait


that you will keep searching

the entire surface of the earth

until you find your way back to me

night visitor

you come

like a thief in the night

hiding behind a mask

and you sneak upon me

surprising me in your attack

and your grip is so tight

that i cannot escape the pain

it squeezes my heart

till the tears flow from it

like water from a sponge

then, at knifepoint you take

what you want from my soul

and then steal away into the dark

leaving me bleeding

huddled and crying


and i know

even small as i am

that something precious is gone

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