like a priceless vase

displayed behind glass doors

she sits alone upon the shelf

where those who pass by her

admire her delicate beauty


intricate, sparkling glass

capturing the Light

as it dances off her contours

and she reflects its beauty to their eyes


but she is protected from their touch

for she is oh so fragile

and if they look too closely

they’ll see her brokenness


the cracks where she was shattered

and lovingly repaired

piece by piece

by the ones who cherished her


they sorted through her brokenness

with patience and great care

to restore her

to her delicate grace


but she is useless

for she no longer can hold water

it seeps through the cracks

trickles down her sides

and pools around her feet


never again will she be the vessel

to sustain

the beauty of a rose

no bud will open within her

blossoms will wither and die


and nothing will fill her emptiness

she is incomplete

once a vital vessel

now a piece of art


exquisitely radiant

captivatingly reflective

…….untouchably empty




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